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5 things TAG!

I get TAG! So it’s time to make special post about FIVE THINGS 🙂 I got tagged by Liberty from Where Foxes Say Goodnight.


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5 Things You Need Everyday
1. Eyelenses. Yes, I am wearing and I can’t imagine that I have to wear glasses.
2. Cosmetics. I will not leave the house without make-up.
3. Wheelchair. It’s of course 😛
4. Smartphone. Yes, I love gadgets.
5. Sun. It makes my day better.

5 Books You Would Recommend
1. My books, of course. I am writer so I recommend my “Because dead is the beggining” (“Bo śmierć to dopiero początek”), “Fear – collection of horror stories” (“Strach – zbiór opowiadań grozy”) and anthologies I took a part “Gorefication” (“Gorefikacje”) and “Zombiefilia” (all titles are only in polish so I tried to translate them, but it’s not official name).
2. “Chronicles of Vampires” by Anne Rice. That’s deffinitly my favourite series. Lestat, I love You!

3. “Flowers of the evil” by Baudelaire. It’s my Master and I love his poetry.
4. “Pan lodowego ogrodu” (“Master of ice garden”?? Or something like that) Jarosław Grzędowicz (hard to say, hah!). It’s really good polish fantasy. I love that!
5. “Gone with the Wind” by Mitchell Margaret. I love old books and I think that Scarlet is one of the most fascinating female characters from books.

5 Materialistic Wishes For Christmas Presents
1. Ebook reader.

2. Playstation or Xbox (I can’t decide) – I dream about playing in new “Devil May Cry”!
3. Dress from Chanel (yeah, it’s crazy dream, but I saw them in real and are soooo beautiful).
4. A lot of shoes!
5. A car available for my disability.

5 Places You Wish To Visit
1. Helsinki, repeat.

2. Paris, repeat.
3. Tokio.
4. New York.
5. London.

5 Adjectives That Describe You
1. Strange.

2. Sexy (haha!).
3. Melancholic.
4. Decadent.
5. Self confident.

5 Things You’d Say To People About Life
1. Every dream can come true! Stop dreaming, start work!

2. But remember, that some dreams beauty lies in the fact that there are only dreams.
3. Always be Yourself. Life is too short to play someone other.
4. If You’re scared of something – do it! Fear or shyness shouldn’t block You.
5. Don’t hurt other people if You don’t want they’re hurting You.

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