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Outfit #2 – Exam’s day!

Today I was passing an exam at University… I hate that, I hate that, I hate that! I hope that I passed, but I must wait on results until Thursday… Aww!

But I’m wraiting to show You my look. Maybe I will lose… But in a big way! It’s easy to look elegant!
(sorry for quality of photo – it was doing my friend’s mobile phone)
Top: New Yorker, less than 30 PLN (I don’t remember :P)
Skirt: H&M, less than 40 PLN (I don’t remeber, too… I have this clothes loooong time)
Jacket: Carry, about 40 PLN, studs on shoulders – handmade
Tights: it was a gift, so I don’t know
Shoes: Deichmann, about 120 PLN, I love them!
Bag: Deichmann, 40 PLN
Jewelery: gifts
Me: handmade, priceless 😀 😀 😀

Jeśli podoba Ci się ten tekst, proszę podziel się ze znajomymi!

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