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    Review #13 – Wristwatch from Bornprettystore

    Apparently the happy know no hours… I could tell that’s true, but I am the one that lives against the time. Not literally – in my casket always lacked wristwatches. But recently Bornprettystore has surprised me and offered one of women’swatches for review. I had to take their offer, especcially that they have model I was dreaming about for a long time (but always I had more important expenses). Today I’m inviting you to read a short review of a wristwatch choosen by me. Did I like it? Check out! Ponoć szczęśliwi czasu nie liczą… Mogłabym stwierdzić, że coś w tym przysłowiu jest, gdyby nie fakt, że należę do ludzi żyjących z zegarkiem…

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