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Welcome on the dark side of fashion!

I always dreamt about blog showing my style and make up’s. Fashion is my huge passion, so today I decide to make my dream come true!

On this blog I will present You photos of my make up’s and stylizations. I will write in english, so sorry for mistakes (I always had problems with foreign languages…).

Why address: vamppiv? It’s easy: I everywhere on the web sign: Vammpi. But this address was busy, so I decide to add 'v' on the end.

Why blog arised? Three reasons:
1. I really love fashion and make up! 
2. I wanna show other disabled people (yes, I’m disabled woman; I’m a wheelchair driver :D) that wheelchair and problems with figure doesn’t mean that we have to wear huge trousers, awful blouses etc.
3. I live in Poland and often I hear: „Clothes are too much expensive!”. I love shopping and I wanna show that we don’t need a lot of money to look interesting. 
That’s all! For the end I should tell, that I prefer gothic and alternative style, so my look we’ll be often not typical. But I hope You will like it!
PS: If someone want to read about my life, I invite to visit my official blog: – I’m a polish writer so I write there about my life, books, passion etc. 

Jeśli podoba Ci się ten tekst, proszę podziel się ze znajomymi!

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